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When you are lucky enough to come to the knowledge of an amazing truth, often denied to many, arises the desire to share it with as many people as we can, trying to take own contribute so that the well-being that we all seek can come..
The ASD RespiriAmo Yoga is a project born from the sharing of this intent.
The enthusiasm, the stubbornness, the faith in the method, but also the great work of the Founders, has meant that to date, the project continues to find extremely favorable results from qualified personnel who have managed to document the great benefit of the HariKi Yoga style. Also through scientific studies, as well as by students, who constantly manifest the contribution of benefits at all levels.
We invite you to share with us this wonderful discipline, which intimately, is the bearer of well-being from all points of view, physical, mental and spiritual.


Asd RespiriAmo Yoga

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica associata al CSEN - iscritta al registro CONI - CF: 02272140563

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What is Yoga

Yoga is a very ancient discipline that has its roots in the millenary Vedic Culture, considered the cradle of civilization.
 The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit term yuj, which means "to unite", "union".
 But what does yoga unite?

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HariKi Yoga®

The technique that is transmitted by RespiriAmo Yoga is called HariKi Yoga, an essential form of yoga that refers to the traditional one, however, made simpler and more effective so that everyone can practice it.

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