Yoga is a very ancient discipline that has its roots in the millenary Vedic Culture, considered the cradle of civilization.

The word yoga derives from the Sanskrit term yuj, which means "to unite", "union".
But what does yoga unite?
Yoga is the bond that balances opposites, reconciles them and leads them to completion.
Every being in this world is equipped by a body, a mind and a consciousness and the latter is the energy that emanates from the soul, or atma.
Uniting, harmonizing the body, mind and soul is the art of yoga.

In general, especially in the West, yoga is approached as a form of gymnastics, a stretching to tone the body and reduce stress. Undoubtedly this discipline brings many benefits on a psychophysical level, working both on the various musculoskeletal structures of our body, on the internal organs and on the circulation.

However, with regular practice, one realizes that in addition to release tensions and strengthening muscles, yoga helps to concentrate the mind and consequently to better understand our body and its energy.
The sense of peace, of well-being experienced during and after practice reveals the true nature of this discipline: a path of personal growth that allows you to realize the deepest part of yourself (the soul) and to reconnect it with the origin of all creation, the Supreme Being.
We can therefore consider yoga as an inner journey that leads to complete self-knowledge.

Although there are many schools and many variations, all these paths, only apparently different, to respond to the original intent, must allow to gradually awaken consciousness and express the potential enclosed and guarded in it. That is, to lead to self-realization, to the union with the Absolute.